Spectral Layers

Where can I purchase Spectral Layers ?
Spectral Layers will be available for purchase from Sony Creative Software around summer 2012.

GPU Decoder

I have problem running GPU Decoder
Check that:
-You have selected the right application folder during install
-You have a compatible graphic card
-You have installed the latest graphic drivers

I experience bad decoding performances on Premiere
Your project settings should exactly match the kind of files you're editing (check image size/framerate)

A white area is overlaid with the text "unregistered" on my video
That's because you're using the trial version.
Buy the full product and get your activation file to remove this.


I bought my product but for whatever reason, it doesn't work !
Test the trial version of the product first: no refund will be applied.

I bought my product but I'm still in trial mode
Check that:
-You downloaded your activation file
-You registered your activation file by double-clicking it

I cannot get my activation file
-Check that you entered the exact name as it appears on your confirmation email after your bought the product. It is case-sensitive. Also check that you selected the right product licence.