GPU Decoder

Hardware accelerated decoding of AVCHD/Quicktime h.264 files for NLEs

GPU Decoder comes as a plugin for your Non-Linear Editor.
It uses the power of your NVIDIA graphic card to decode h.264 video files such as AVCHD or files from Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Support AVCHD cameras/camcorders
Support files from Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Support Sony Vegas Pro 9
Support Adobe Premiere Pro CS3/CS4

Support GeForce 83xx and higher, except 8800GTS 320/640MB and 8800GTX/ULTRA
Support Quadro FX x70 and higher, FX x700 and higher, CX, VX, NVS 290 and higher, except NVS 300M/400/440/510M
Support Ion

Support Windows XP, Vista, Seven

framerate comparisons between native decoder and GPU Decoder

size comparisons between native AVCHD file and transcoded